we were born to be failures
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Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
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My cheeks always go rosy when I have naps - love this
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i don’t want you to leave
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this is my edit of sky

and do not change the source u lil bitches
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The calm before the storm
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Found an undeveloped roll of film from earlier this year. My intentions with the roll were to only shoot and practice multiple exposures. The majority of the shots came out terribly. As I flipped through the prints this one appeared and I was pretty satisfied. Going to have to start shooting more film. 

How gorgeous.


hippie vibes
→ Sep 2014 moleculen28:

my friend bram took this polaroid from me and denzel in brussels it was a very lovely day i also took pictures of them but i took them with my film camera so i need to wait (i can’t wait) 
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